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By Mical Schneider

To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to long island urban the place they sign up for their older sister as servants, getting cash to deliver the remainder of their kinfolk to the USA, the place they become aware of that either nutrition and hardships abound.

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Cox like that once and only once. She’ll 60 excuse you this time because of all you’ve been through, but from here on, while you’re in this house, you’ll be quiet, polite, and respectful to everyone. ” Annie nodded and fought back her tears. � An hour later, Annie sat in a soft linen nightshirt, jerking a comb through her snarled hair. She had scrubbed herself red in the wide, tin tub behind the wooden screen in the workroom and had dried her hair with one fresh towel after another. Now it was full of knots.

Behind him ran two lines of men in identical red shirts, black pants, and oval-brimmed helmets. Like pairs of fine horses in harness, they pulled a wagon loaded with ladders, long-handled hooks, axes, and leather hoses. In the center of the wagon, a round chimney belched a stream of black smoke. ” Thomas shouted, breathless, as all around them more and more bells rang out. “A fire brigade,” Bridget shouted back. ” “It’s the water-pumper. It draws water from under­ ground pipes connected to the reservoir of the Croton Aqueduct.

He locked the water barrel. 35 “Remember, your brother was sick, and I gave you your ration early. Mention the shillings to anyone, and I’ll have you hauled before the captain. ” He leaned close, his sweaty, whiskey smell making her dizzy, and smacked a wet kiss on her cheek. Furious, Annie rubbed the back of her hand on her cheek until her face burned. She wanted to fling the water at the cook or throw it overboard. Instead she hur­ ried belowdeck and groped her way back to her bunk. William was wrapping Thomas in Ellen’s extra shawls.

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