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В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более 2 hundred других животных.

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A big moose has only one serious two weeks after they are lost, a new set enemy-man. begins to grow from the round bumps Because of settlements and the clearing of wilderness areas, the Elk, or on the animal's head. Wapiti 43 The fleetest of the hoofed mammals are the various kinds of antelopes, of which there are more than 70 species. They are closely related to cattle, goats, and sheep. herding Antelopes animals are of the the typical grasslands of Africa and Asia. Some have small, spike­ like horns.

Mongooses are valued as rat exterminators in some areas. Skunk River Otter Wolverine Badger Mink 29 Cats are lithe, graceful carnivores that excellent hearing. The long whiskers typically spring on their prey. They use serve as sensitive feelers. Cats do not have their sharp, hooked claws to help hold as good a sense of smell as dogs have. the victim and to help tear it apart. Most Cats are found as natives throughout cats can retract their claws into sheaths the world, except for Australia and the when they are not in use.

Hide may be as much as two inches thick. 39 Even -Toed H oofed Mammals Even-toed hoofed mammals have either though the tusks are fierce-looking, they two or four toes on each foot. Many of are not known to be used for defense� them also have either horns or antlers. The female has much shorter tusks than The bigmouthed, bulky-bodied hip­ popotamus is a member of this group. the male. Camels and llamas are closely related Though the name hippopotamus literally animals that live means "river horse," these animals are parts of the world .

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