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The treasure of Priam Schliemann had certainly discovered an important archaeological site, but was it Troy? Although he called himself an archaeologist, Schliemann was primarily a treasure hunter. Later, at Mycenae, he would hope to unearth treasure belonging to Agamemnon. ” Convinced that the Trojan War was grounded in historical fact, Schliemann felt sure that King Priam had hidden his treasures to save them from the Greeks. Around noon on a day in June 1873, Schliemann spotted the gleam of gold at the base of a wall in the excavations.

While many of 50 the colonists were probably driven to emigrate for economic reasons, this motivation would not have applied to the aristocratic and wealthier colonists who may have left a parent city for political reasons. Exporting a culture The natural consequence of Greek colonization was not only a migration of people but a migration of their whole culture, including their technological skills, their customs, their religion, and their concepts and attitudes. The Greeks took with them everything, from specific agricultural methods and crops like the olive and grape to architectural and building skills and an entire hierarchy of gods.

They also began to use some of the symbols to represent vowel sounds. For a time, they experimented with writing from left to right and from right to left, but by around 500 BCE, they settled on left to right. The last were to be the most influential, since the Roman alphabet, used to write Latin, was subsequently to be used by all the languages of western Europe. THE DARK AGE AND GREEK EXPANSION The Temple of Ceres at Paestum. Paestum, a Greek colony in southern Italy, was founded around the beginning of the seventh century BCE.

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