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By Fabrice Baudoin

This ebook goals to supply a self-contained creation to the neighborhood geometry of the stochastic flows. It stories the hypoelliptic operators, that are written in Hormander's shape, by utilizing the relationship among stochastic flows and partial differential equations. The booklet stresses the author's view that the neighborhood geometry of any stochastic circulation is set very accurately and explicitly via a common formulation known as the Chen-Strichartz formulation. The typical geometry linked to the Chen-Strichartz formulation is the sub-Riemannian geometry, and its major instruments are brought during the textual content.

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We can now define a surjective Carnot group morphism 7 : GN(R d ) —p by 7r ( e ) = echr(g), g E gN (Rd). Observe that it defines 7r in a unique way because in Carnot groups the exponential map is a diffeomorphism. , Dd). These vector fields agree at the origin with ( -ga iT „ k). To make our approach essentially frame independent, it is important to relate the horizontal lifts of the same Brownian motion with respect to two different basis. 10 Let cp :Rd --- Rd be a vector space isomorphism. Let us denote b* the horizontal lift of B in the group GN(Rd) with respect to the basis ((p(Di),•••,(P(Dd)).

C_a-ji For the Euclidean metric of G2(Rd ) = Ra x R 2 , the size of the sphere Bg (0, E) in the horizontal directions is approximatively E and approximatively E2 in the vertical directions. Precisely, as it will be seen later, if for E > 0, we denote Box(E) = {(a,w) E G2(Rd), ai i< E, wi,k l< E 2 1, there exist positive constants c l and e2 and E0 such that for any 0 < BOX(CiE) C Bg (0, E) C Box(c2E). E < E0, SDE's and Carnot Groups 31 Fig. 1 The unit Heisenberg sphere. From this estimation, we deduce immediately that the topology given by the distance dg is compatible with the natural topology of the Lie group G2(Rd ).

E. that [Vi , V3 ] = 0 for 1 < i j < d. This is therefore the simplest possible case: it has been first studied by [Doss (1977)1 and [Siissmann (1978)1. 1) can be written XT° = F(x 0 ,Bt ), t > O. Proof. , d, let us denote by (etvi)tER the flow associated with the ordinary differential equation dx = Vi(st)• dt 23 SDE's and Carnot Groups Observe that since the vector fields Vi's are commuting, these flows are also commuting (see Appendix B). We set now for (x, y) E Rn x R d , F(x,y) = o o eYd vd) (x).

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