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A random box is a mathematical version of evolutional fluctuating complicated structures parametrized by means of a multi-dimensional manifold like a curve or a floor. because the parameter varies, the random box includes a lot info and therefore it has complicated stochastic constitution. The authors of this article use an technique that's attribute: specifically, they first build innovation, that's the main elemental stochastic approach with a uncomplicated and straightforward means of dependence, after which show the given box as a functionality of the innovation. They for this reason identify an infinite-dimensional stochastic calculus, specifically a stochastic variational calculus. The research of services of the innovation is basically infinite-dimensional. The authors use not just the idea of practical research, but additionally their new instruments for the learn

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3, upper half part and lower half 27 White Noise part). The first part, denoted I, the definition of subgroups comes from the choice of a complete orthonormal system {ξn } of L2 (Rn ), where each ξn is a member of E. The part I contains the subgroups (1), (2) and (3) listed below. While the second part, denoted by II, involves members which is defined by the diffeomorphisms. Hence the transformations acting on E defined by the subgroups in II are coordinate-free. The subgroup (4) below belongs to the class II.

2 and form a stochastic bilinear form P˙ , ξ , which is to be a Poisson sheet. A restriction of the parameter to a hyperplane defines a lower dimensional parameter Poisson sheet and then Poisson noise. Also a restriction to a hypersurface is given. We then come to the analysis of functionals of a Poisson noise. As in the Gaussian case we can state propositions which will be counterparts to the Gaussian case. The technique is quite similar, so that we shall omit the statement. It is noted that by the observation of a Poisson sheet, we can easily see invariance of Poisson noise under some transformations of the parameter space.

1) Laplace–Beltrami operator ∆∞ = ∂t∗ ∂t dt. 1). (2) L´evy Laplacian ∆L = ∂t2 (dt)2 . The integral is often replaced by |T1 | T , T being an interval to have the time. It annihilates members in (L2 ), but it effectively acts on (L2 )− or (S)∗ . 6 ∂t2 dt. Invariance of white noise Invariance of measures associated to white noise under certain transformation will be considered. 4. We may take another group that gives invariance of white noise measure µ under the transformation of the parameter. Such a group, in addition to whiskers, arises depending on the purpose.

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