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By Fred T. Jane

Третий год издания знаменитого справочника по военно-морским флотам. Качество сканирования несколько подкачало, но прочесть и рассмотреть можно почти всё.

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He thought that Townsend, a former chimney sweeper aged 28 or 29 years, was 'a great rogue & capable of almost anything. 84 The only trouble was that Affleck knew he couldn't prove it, as Townsend had been away from his Norfolk birthplace (South Repps) for years and now had 'connections & mates' who would swear anything. Consequently Affleck decided to send him aboard HMS Stately, beyond the reach of the law. It was illegal, but to the captain it was the rough justice Townsend deserved. One of the ways in which seamen might avoid Townsend's fate was by having themselves sued for debt.

38 On precisely what grounds Captain Kirke was unable to determine. The Lord Mayor, Sir Thomas Hallifax, refused to be pinned down and declined to render a written statement of the aldermen's decision without consulting the Recorder. 39 The City's opposition to impressment was fuelled by radical ideology and pro-American sentiment. If its politicians failed to challenge the constitutionality of impressment, their vigilance against the gangs did have some basis in law. As the City's counsel had recognized, process was critical.

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