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This version contains a new and multiplied color part, thoroughly up-to-date DVD info, and a number of other fresh stories of Takashi Miike movies that have been unavailable for assurance on the time of the book's preliminary construction.

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6 More SUcceSSful a t c r e a t i n g t h i s u n i t y i s t h e T a i w a n e s e m a f i a . T h e y c o Only T a i w a n e s e a n d e t h n i c C h i n e s e , b u t a l s o I r a n i a n s a n d I n d i a n s : e v e r y o n e w ” @Ve fate Of being an outcast as a result of their ethnicity is welcomed into this cir @3be home and the sense of belonging they can’t find in Japanese society. This gan f,: a&S Social change - inevitable and nearly unstoppable in their attempts to muscle in on b CHAPTER 3 1The video Years (films 1931- 1995) 53 &at ls traditionally yakuza territory (or Japanese territory, since we can easily read the criminal milieu as a metaphor for Japanese society and the gang’s actions as the foreigner’s effod to find a place therein).

Tatsuhito makes his way into Wang’s apartment, which is located above a pharmacy specialising in stamina drugs. There he finds - again creating a parallel between protagonist and antagonist - that Wang and Shu have just been in an argument and that Shu is unconscious on the bed with Wang washing the blood of his hands in the bathroom (Wang ound a knife under Shu’s pillow, then proceeded to remove one of Shu’s organs with it as punishment - it remains unclear exactly which organ). Tatsuhito fires several bullets into Wang’s t o r s o , b u t t h e g a n g s t e r r e f u s e s t o d i e .

Remembering that one of Masaki’s friends is a printer, he rips out a page from the Yellow Pages and visits every single printer in Osaka until finally finding Nagase. 58 AGITATOR -The Cinema cd Takshi Mike while, Daimon has taken a drastic decision to avoid any more harm to his men: his group, leaving his men masterless, but safe from l&do aggression. With Atsushi wkft Masaki, the now former yakuza concocts a plan to get back at Hatori. He asks anfc to transform a normal car into a police vehicle and has him, Nagase and Sone s, where Masaki forces him at gunpoint to dig the pit, Masaki fires at him twice, missing on o r d , l e a v i n g Hatori to wallow in his anger and hildren g r o w u p , w h i l e Masaki has gone to contemplate his future as a civilian at resort.

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