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3 The crack model Numerous crack models for a cracked beam can be found in the literature. , 1991; Pandy & Biswas, 1994). , 1990; Chaudhari & Maiti, 2000). Christides and Barr (1984) developed the one-dimensional vibration theory for the lateral vibration of a cracked Euler-Bernoulli beam with one or more pairs of symmetric cracks. According to Christides and Barr(1984), the variation of bending stiffness EI d ( x ) along the cracked beam length takes up the form of EI d ( x ) = EI 0 1 + (c − 1)exp( −2α x − xc / d ) (16) where E is the Young’s modulus of the beam, I 0 = wd 3 / 12 is the second moment of area of the intact beam, c = 1 /(1 − C r )3 , C r = dc / d is the crack depth ratio and dc and d are the depth of crack and the beam, respectively, xc is the location of the crack.

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