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This implies that regulation by the brain is highly probable, and also that the role of the moulting gland might not be essential. JH appears to play the same inhibitory role in spermatogenesis as in early oogenesis. Other humoral or hormonal factors whose origin is still uncertain are probably also involved in regulating spermatogenesis. M . 1 MORPHOLOGICAL A N D CYTOLOGICAL DATA Vitellogenesis is the most important metabolic event in the adult life of the female insect. Many investigations have been devoted to the morphological and cytological aspects of this event, which will be briefly summarized here.

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And Kusch, T. (1980). Distribution of proctolin in the sixth abdominal ganglion of Periplaneta arnericana L. and the effect of proctolin on the ileum of mammals. A d v . Physiol. Sci. 22,525-535. Piek, T. and Mantel, P. (1977). Myogenic contractions in locust muscle induced by proctolin and by wasp Philanthus triangulum venom. J. Insect Physiol. 23, 321-325. , Visser, B. J. and Mantel, P. (1979). Effect of proctolin BPPS, and related peptides on rhythmic contractions in Locusta migratoria. Comp.

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