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Mammal. 21, 405-411. Hooper, E. , 1942, A n effect on the Peromyscus maniculatus rassenkreis of land utilization in Michigan. J. Mammal. 23, 193-196. Howard, H. Eliot, 1920, Territory i n bird life. John Murray, London. 308 pp. , 1949, Dispersal, amount of inbreeding, a n d longevity i n a local population of prairie deermice on the George Reserve, southern Michigan. Cor~tr. Lab. vert. bwl. Univ. M i d . 43, 1-52. Hungerford, K. , a n d Wilder, N. , 1941, Observations on the homing behavior carolinensis).

I n these circumstances dominance may still not have become complete. The control of polymorphism in the Lepidoptera can now be illustrated from examples. 48 E. B. S. The European moth lrterrha awersata L. (Geometridae) is of a pale brown color and dimorphic in both sexes. , and a rarer one, awersata, in which the wings are crossed by a broad greyish-brown band. This seems t o occupy about 5% of the population. Hawkins (1937), confirmed by Bergmann (1938) , found that the difference in unifactorial, with the unbanded form homozygous and the banded normally heterozygous.

1949b, Population structure in evolution. Proc. Amer. phil. Soc. 93, 471-478. , 1949, Notes on home ranges and population density in two species of heteromyid rodents in southwestern Texas. Tex. J. Sci. 1, 42-46. , 1950, Localization of activity in two indoor populations of house mice, Mus musculus. J. Mammal. 31, 403-410. The Genetics of Polymorphism in the Lepidoptera, E. B. S. Genetw Laboratories, Zoology Department, Osford, England CONTENTS ...................... I. Introduction 11. Balanced Polymorphism 1.

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