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By Gang Feng and Rogelio Lozano (Auth.)

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, Pages ix-xiii

, Pages xv-xix
1 - Adaptive inner version control

, Pages 1-22
2 - An set of rules for strong adaptive keep an eye on with much less previous knowledge

, Pages 23-40
3 - Adaptive variable constitution control

, Pages 41-62
4 - oblique adaptive periodic control

, Pages 63-79
5 - Adaptive stabilization of doubtful discrete-time structures through switching regulate: the strategy of localization

, Pages 80-118
6 - Adaptive nonlinear regulate: Passivation and small achieve techniques

, Pages 119-158
7 - lively identity for keep watch over of discrete-time doubtful nonlinear systems

, Pages 159-183
8 - optimum adaptive monitoring for nonlinear systems

, Pages 184-214
9 - reliable adaptive platforms within the presence of nonlinear parametrization

, Pages 215-259
10 - Adaptive inverse for actuator compensation

, Pages 260-286
11 - solid multi-input multi-output adaptive fuzzy/neural control

, Pages 287-307
12 - Adaptive strong regulate scheme with an software to PM synchronous motors

, Pages 308-327

, Pages 329-335

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Moreover, those algorithms also suffer the same problem as the usual dead zone based robust adaptive control algorithms. That is, they still require the knowledge of the upper bound on the disturbance or the parameters of the upper bounding function on the unmodelled dynamics and disturbances. In this chapter, a new robust direct adaptive control algorithm will be proposed which does use dead zone but does not require the knowledge of the parameters of the upper bounding functions on the unmodelled dynamics and the disturbance.

13). 17) will be Va = - e r Q m e + eo(up - o * r w + 0 , T Wdo+ 8~nM-'(s)[do] + IzA(s)[up]) 2 1 - j=l 2n <_ - e "rQme - ~_~ leowyl(oy -I021) -leol(:~ -/~;) - l e o l ( ~ - / ~ ) m 1=1 2. 1 2 1 <__-qmlel 2 for some constant qm > 0. , 2n, ~l, ~ , e0 E Loo and, hence, all signals inside the dosed loop system are bounded owing to Lemma A in the Appendix. 12). Hence, e E L2 N Loo and d E Loo readily imply that e and e0 will at least converge to zero asymptotically by Barbalat's lemma [191. D. 1, suitable integral adaptation laws are given to compensate for the unavailable knowledge of the bounds on 10;[ and ~*.

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