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By Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

"A Step clear of Paradise tells the tale of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 introduced an day trip to what he and his fans believed to be the land of immortality defined in twelfth-century Tibetan culture. With over three hundred disciples, he ventured up a distant Himalayan mountain on the Nepal-Sikkim border in an effort to ‘open the best way’ to a hidden land of lots stumbled on on no map. Fifty years later, Thomas okay. Shor tracks down the surviving contributors of this visionary excursion and entwines their awesome tales of religion and experience together with his personal quest to find the truth of this land often called Beyul. What emerges is a wide ranging tale alive with hazard, bringing the reader as on the subject of the Hidden Land as a ebook in all likelihood can. because the superb account unfolds, the reader is certain to copy the query always raised through the writer in his interviews: after which what occurred? the tale recollects and inspires one in every of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of discovering a stairway to paradise

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He proclaimed a crack, and then actually set forth to step through it. If you think he must have been mad, then it was clearly no accident that the name Tulshuk Lingpa, Crazy Treasure-Revealer, was bestowed upon him at a tender age along with the prophecy that he would travel far and do great things. The second time I went to see Kunsang, the Tamang Tulku answered my knock and invited me in. Then he went down the lane to get Wangchuk from the shop to translate. They came back together. The Tamang Tulku went to the kitchen to make tea, and Wangchuk sat next to me and translated.

Dorje Wangmo chuckled at the recollection and spun her prayer wheel a little faster. Her old eyes glinted. ‘“It doesn’t matter,” I told him. ” ‘“Then I’ll go, too,” he said. ‘We gave away our house and fields. We sold enough so we had the money to make the journey, and the rest we gave away. What use would we have for extra money? In Beyul there would always be food; you wouldn’t have a care. And once you enter Beyul, you’ll never leave. Who’d want to? Our tickets were all one-way. ’ Dorje Wangmo laughed so long and hard it was infectious.

When they come, I must do something. Though sometimes I’m busy, busy—too busy! My father was offered many monasteries. Me too. But I’m not interested. If you have your own monastery, when someone dies you have to go and do puja for the whole day. And not just one day. When people get sick, it’s all the time people saying, “Rinpoche, hurry. ” And what to say? ’ Another time Kunsang said to me, ‘The Tamang people told me, “You are very well educated and you are very good inside. You are a very high lama’s son.

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