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47 The first point of advice Ovid brings in getting over unrequited love is to stay busy. Idleness only makes passion more likely. . shun all leisurely ways. Idleness tempts you to love, and idleness watches its captives, . . Toss your leisure away, and you’ve broken the arrows of Cupid, Toss your leisure away, his torch is extinguished and scorned. . So does Venus delight in idleness: keep yourself busy If you would drive her away; if you are busy, you’re safe (pp. 185, 186). Ovid lists some activities you might want to take up.

115). In beginning to woo the desired woman, Ovid advises one to make friends with her maid. The maid can be a great asset to the lover’s cause: While her maid is at work, combing her hair in the morning, Let her keep urging her on, let her add oars to the sail, . . Then let her talk about you, and add some words of persuasion, Let her swear that she knows you must be dying of love (p. 116). If one is to succeed, it is important that you are favored by those close to your intended woman. Your going will be rough, if her girlfriends don’t like you.

This gives a man the air of authority — always an attractive quality: 31 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality Answer her questions, each one, and don’t always wait till she asks you; Things that you don’t know tell her as if you were sure. Why, that’s Euphrates, of course, with the reeds hanging over his forehead; The one with the dark-blue hair? That would be Tigris, his twin. Those are Armenians there; the one just passing is Persia . . (p. 111). Ovid also advises his students to visit the unlikely gladiatorial contests, and, more likely, parties to find game for their hunting.

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