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By Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma)

Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), a Namuyi Tibetan from Liangshan Yi independent Prefecture, Sichuan Province describes her youth; mom and dad; paternal grandmother's youth and dying; village lifestyles together with kid's video games, tending horses, and herding yaks; her studies at basic university; a surrogate grandfather; her youngest brother; neighborhood lunar New yr festivities; her time at center institution together with a distinct good friend and love letters; her education at Qinghai common collage in Xining urban; her time in India together with collage stories, travels, operating in an NGO, and dealing at a decision heart in Delhi; and her go back to China. additionally integrated are unique poems, 3 tales by means of Li Xiaoqiong's grandmother, and pictures of Li Xiaoqiong's village and of her time in India.

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Finding food for the pigs was my duty. No matter how bad the weather was, I went to cut plants in the barley and rice fields. My friends and I worked together. When we had collected a full basket of weeds, we sat and played picking stones. There are various ways to play this game, but ten stones are always required. Players divide into two groups and each group has the same numbers of stones. First, one group plays and the other watches. Just after one group finishes playing, the other starts. The group that plays puts all ten stones on the ground, then picks them up as quickly as they can, racing with 40 the other person.

Mother asked how we could care for the yaks that Father had just bought, because there was no one in the family who had the time. Father finally told Mother that he would care for the yaks no matter what it cost him. I was excited about the yaks and wanted to go with him to herd them, but he refused. After breakfast, Father took a robe made of yak hair, a few bags of salt, and a big bottle of water, and walked towards the mountain where our yaks were. He didn't notice me following him. The morning was fresh, the trail was clean, and everything was quiet.

As we walked, I played with my neighbor's son. We had a lot of fun on the way. A few minutes later we reached the school that I would attend for the next six years. Some of the many people at the school that day were strangers, and some 47 were my fellow villagers. Seeing many people stimulated me. There were so many new children that I got tired just looking at them. After some time passed, Mother and I went to the reception area to register, imitating what others did. After registration Mother told me to do whatever I liked.

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