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By Je Tsongkhapa, Thupten Jinpa Ph.D. Ph.D., Kilty Galvin

Tsongkhapa's A Lamp to light up the 5 Stages (1419) is a accomplished presentation of the top yoga type of Buddhist tantra, specially the most important practices - the so-called 5 phases (pancakrama) - of the complicated section of Guhyasamaja tantra. starting with an intensive exam of the Indian resources, Tsongkhapa attracts relatively from the writings of Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Candrakirti, and Naropa to improve a definitive figuring out of the Vajrayana finishing touch degree. while within the iteration degree, meditators visualize the Buddha within the kind of the deity dwelling in a mandala palace, within the finishing touch degree mentioned within the current quantity, meditators go beyond traditional cognizance and actualize the nation of a buddha themselves. between different issues, Tsongkhapa's paintings covers the delicate human body structure of channels and winds besides the method of demise, the bardo, and rebirth. This definitive assertion on Guhyasamaja tantra profoundly affected the process Buddhist perform in Tibet.

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It is this concern that Tsongkhapa addresses in this chapter. Clearly there were at that time some core instruction texts that had no basis in the great tantric works of India, and Tsongkhapa points this out. Parts 4 through to 9 are the body of this work and deal with the five stages in order. Tsongkhapa also examines to see which of the six yogas correlates with each of the five stages. These chapters contain encyclopedic informa­ tion on completion-stage practice and phenomena associated with it.

Still, if later tantras are not determined in this way, where is the boundary that demar­ cates a later tantra? There are many ways of determining what makes a later tantra> but here I will explain the criteria determining the Guhyasamaja Later Tantra. The eighteenth chapter is a part of the Guhyasamaja tantra, but it was taught after the teaching of the Root Tantra. It takes the points made in common by all seventeen previous chapters as well as the difficult points of each chapter and clarifies and explains them.

Even after compos­ ing his groundbreaking work on the tenets of tantra in general, Great Expo­ sition o f Secret M antra, he set out to write several works covering the path of Guhyasamaja. These ranged from annotations to commentaries on the ini­ tiation procedure, explanatory tantras, Indian compositions, and the genera­ tion and completion stages of the Guhyasamaja path. Although generally he leaned toward the Go tradition, he brought out and developed parts of the Marpa tradition too. These include composing a short work entitled Explicit Instructionsfo r the Five Stages Complete on One Seat, which is based on the Guhyasamaja teachings of Naropa.

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