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Epictetus' Handbook and the Tablet of Cebes: Guides to Stoic Living

This new translation of 2 works, one by means of Epictetus and the opposite by way of Cebes, old Greek philosophers of the Imperial interval, are offered in new translations of clear, straight forward English. during this book, readers will methods to maintain emotional concord and a ‘good circulate of lifestyles’ no matter what fortune may perhaps carry in shop for them.

Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet

What brought on the discovery of the Greek alphabet? Who did it, and why? the aim of this difficult publication is to inquire systematically into the ancient explanations that underlay the unconventional shift from previous and no more effective writing structures to using alphabetic writing. the writer announces his end to be a in all likelihood impressive one--that a unmarried guy, probably from the island of Euboea, invented the Greek alphabet particularly so that it will checklist the Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer.

The Neolithic and Bronze Ages (Athenian Agora)

(American institution of Classical reviews 1971)

The Christian's Guide to Greek Culture: The Pseudo-Nonnus 'Commentaries' on 'Sermons' 4, 5, 39 and 43 by Gregory of Nazianus

The Commentaries translated the following, relationship from the 6th century, express the persisting survival of Greek studying in an more and more Christianised international. The paintings takes the shape of a sequence of reasons and glosses of classical references in Gregory's unique Sermons. even if the writer makes use of an simple means of the colleges to constitution his textual content, which has little within the manner of eloquence or literary artwork, there's a extraordinary single-mindededness and self assurance in his factors.

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This is the meaning of the legend, and archaeology corroborates it. To Tiryns also belongs the myth of the Proitides, which in its present form belongs to a younger type. With this city, too, the Belle~ rophon story is properly connected, for the intrigue which gives occasion to the exploits of the hero is carried on at the royal court of Tiryns, although he is genealogically referred to Corinth. The famous Heraion, the chief temple of Argolis, succeeded a Mycenaean royal fortress. In this place belongs the story of 10 and Argos.

They are the domestic and tutelary deities of the Spartan kings, whom Lhey accompany even to the battle-field. Both the Zeus-child and the sons of Zeus show relationship with the Minoan religIOn, but WIth dIfferent sides of it. The Zeus-child was worshipped in caves; he was Dot a domestic god like the Dioskouroi. Nevertheless it is remarkable that the name of the god of the heavens and launcher of the thunderbolt should have been given to the Cretan child-god, . for there can be no doubt that the latter is the original.

Social conditions, too, arc otten said to be reflected in the preference of the folk-tale for the youngest son.

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