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By Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, Padmakara Translation Group

This consultant presents readers with crucial history info for learning and working towards with Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My excellent instructor— the textual content that has, for greater than a century, served because the trustworthy sourcebook to the religious practices universal to all of the significant faculties of Tibetan Buddhism. through providing chapter-by-chapter observation in this popular paintings, Khenpo Pelzang presents a clean point of view at the position of the instructor; the levels of the trail; the view of the 3 Jewels; Madhyamika, the root of transcendent knowledge; and masses extra.

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Indeed, it is important to listen to the teachings with joy, thinking: "In the past, I have wasted my life pointlessly, but now it is worth being ill, hungry, thirsty, and so on to hear the holy Dharma for the sake of all sentient beings. As I listen, in this world ofJambudvipa, this pure land of Buddha Shakyamuni in which I have had the fortune to be born, just the slight headache I have is purifying the numerous evil deeds of beings in other realms such as the vajra hell; I am exhausting an immeasurable amount of bad karma and accumulating incalculable merit.

On the other hand, concentrating too intently can make you dull and sleepy, so learn to listen properly relaxed. With regard to getting discouraged when listening to the teachings, if you feel hungry and thirsty during a teaching that goes on too long, or have to put up with discomfort from sun and rain and so forth, there is a risk that you THE FREEDOMS AND ADVANTAGES 37 will want to leave the Dharma and the teacher. So before you accumulate the bad karma of giving up the Dharma, you should pray that you will meet the teacher and receive teachings again, and then leave the assembly.

Attitude The Tibetan word for "attitude"-literally, "causing to arise from all"--can be explained as follows. "All" is a word denoting multiplicity, so "attitude" means that of the many thoughts that one has, one may give rise to a particular thought. There are three types of attitudes: negative, neutral, and positive. (A) NEGATIVE ATTITUDES There are two sorts of negative attitudes: seeking protection from fear and wishing to better one's lot. (1) The Attitude of Seeking Protection from Fear If you practice the Dharma in order to be protected from the fear of being prey in this life to disease, negative spirits, being punished by the law, famine, and so forth, whether you follow the most basic practices of the Shravakas' Vehicle or the most advanced practices of the Radiant Great Perfection, you may well be protected from these fears, but apart from this there will be no beneficial result whatsoever.

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