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The 10th Karmapa (1604–1674) lived via dramatic adjustments in Tibet, together with the increase to political supremacy of the 5th Dalai Lama and the Gelug sect following a Mongol invasion. considered as a notable bodhisattva and artist, the Karmapa has mostly escaped the shut cognizance of recent students. during this ebook, Shamar Rinpoche, the Fourteenth Shamarpa, introduces the 10th Karmapa via his translations of the Karmapa’s autobiographical writings and an eighteenth century biography of him. As a right away lineage-descendant from the 6th Shamarpa—the Karmapa’s guru—the Shamar Rinpoche stocks his certain wisdom and adventure via huge annotations and a ancient assessment of Tibet from the 13th via 17th century. The textual content of A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters: The lifestyles and instances of the 10th Karmapa Choying Dorje is complemented by means of maps and colour illustrations depicting areas the place the Karmapa lived and his prolific inventive paintings, with a few item photos being released for the 1st time.

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28 SH(TIB): Volume 1, 391-392 21 A GOLDEN SWAN IN TURBULENT WATERS They took revenge by requesting the Mongolians to loot the Karmapa's horse ranch. 29 This event is known to be the basis for the destruction of the well-being of Dharma and Tibetan society. The Sixth Shamarpa's poem on a scarf was another small incident, but the Dalai Lama's administrators took offense and fueled hostility towards Karmapa and the Karma Kagyu. This eventually led to the Mongol invasion ofTibet, 1639-42. After this war, the Fifth Dalai Lama went to China in 1652 and met the Qing Emperor Shunzhi, at the latter's invitation.

38 On the first day, the Tsang army was almost wiped out. But the next day, another huge Tsang army arrived. The Mongolians became frightened and withdrew. Kyisho Depa also ran away, and the ruling government confiscated everything of his. The Sera and Drepung monks and Kyisho Depa's men fled and scattered to Phenpo and north to Taglung. The Kurabpa and Tsangpa troops defeated all the monk armies. The head of Taglung (a Kagyu sect) arrived and acted as a mediator for the monks of Sera and Drepung.

He met the Fifth Dalai Lama. " The Mongols, in turn, conferred Mongolian titles upon the Gelug administrators. Afterwards, Gushri Khan returned to the Kokonor region where he had decimated Chogthu's army a year before. Then Gushri Khan's spies intercepted a letter to the Tsang Desi from the Chieftain of Beri who controlled the region of Kham. The letter revealed his scheme to attack the Gelugpas in response to the defeat of Chogthu. 40 THE MONGOL INVASION. 1639-1642 Mongol Invasion 1639-1642 Gushri Khan quickly responded by sending a letter to the Fifth Dalai Lama, informing him of his intent and his readiness to attack first the Beri chieftain in Kham and then the Tsang Desi.

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