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By Joan Hewett

Hobbs is a giraffe calf. he's transforming into up in a wild animal park together with his mom. while he was once born, he was once 6 ft tall! He beverages his mother’s milk and slowly grows up until eventually he can run, play, and consume with the remainder of his giraffe herd.

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29 More about Giraffes The giraffe is the tallest of all the animals that live on the land. An adult male giraffe stands between 15 and 18 feet high. At 10 years old, he is considered full grown. Even so, a giraffe can continue to grow very slowly for most of its life. Giraffes have two-toed hooves like deer, sheep, and cows. But the giraffe’s neck is quite a bit different. Scientists think that the giraffe is descended from long-necked hooved animals that lived millions of years ago. Giraffes, like humans, have 7 neck bones.

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Giraffes live in Africa. The plains of central and eastern Africa are dotted with acacia trees. Acacia leaves are the giraffe’s favorite food. Other hooved animals roam these great plains. But only the giraffe and the elephant are tall enough to eat from the treetops. 30 In their search for food, giraffes may leave one herd and join another. Male giraffes may go off by themselves. While their calves are young, mother giraffes stay with a herd. The mothers feed each other’s calves. The calves spend most of their time playing together.

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