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By Padmasambhava, Jamgon Mipham, The Padmakara Translation Group

A center textual content of the Nyingma culture of Tibetan Buddhism, provided in English for the 1st time, with remark by means of Jamgön Mipham, one of many Nyingma tradition's so much lucid and significant minds.

A concise remark through the eighth-century Indian Buddhist grasp Padmasambhava on a bankruptcy from the Guhyagarbha Tantra, which provides an summary of the various Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical perspectives, together with the good Perfection (Dzogchen), with an explicative remark by means of the nineteenth-century pupil Jamgön Mipham (1846-1912). Padmasambhava's textual content is a center textual content of the Nyingma culture since it offers the foundation for the process of 9 automobiles (three sutra cars and 6 tantra autos) that for this reason turned the permitted manner of classifying different Buddhist paths within the Nyingma culture. Mipham's remark is the only most ordinarily used to clarify Padmasambhava's educating. Mipham is widely known for his prolific, lucid, and unique writings on many topics, together with technological know-how, medication, and philosophy, as well as Tibetan Buddhist perform and concept.

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Like those born blind who spontaneously gain their sight, If there are superior beings Who hold the power of wisdom and skillful means, May they encounter this secret Garland of Views. This completes the pith instruction entitled A Garland of Views. A TREASURY OF GEMS A Commentary by Annotation of the Great Master Padmasambhava’s Pith Instruction A Garland of Views Jamgön Mipham Jamgön Mipham Namo Guru Padma Mañjuśrī ye Glorious Buddha, Lotus-Born, You who hold the treasure of omniscient wisdom, Exponent of the various different vehicles, Orgyen, knower of the three times, care for me.

For the vehicle of characteristics, there are three further divisions, based on the degree of clinging to those characteristics by beings with different fortunes, aspirations, and faculties. These are ▶ the vehicle of the listeners, who themselves listen to the instructions given by others and then cause others to listen to them ▶ the vehicle of the solitary realizers, who realize their result, the truth, all by themselves during their final existence ▶ the vehicle of the bodhisattvas, heroes of enlightenment or enlightenment beings, so named either because of their steadfast intention to attain enlightenment or because of their focusing on enlightenment and sentient beings12 B) DETAILED EXPLANATION 1) EXPLANATION OF THE LISTENER VEHICLE The followers of the Listener Vehicle believe that the views of the eternalistic extremists and so on amount to conceptual exaggerations and depreciations of phenomena as a whole.

The mind abides in space. And space itself has no abode. And: All phenomena are by their nature empty. All phenomena are primordially perfectly pure. All phenomena are completely radiant. All phenomena are, by nature, nirvāṇa. All phenomena are the perfect, manifest state of enlightenment. Such is the Great Perfection. The method of the Great Perfection (marginal note: “great” in the qualities of the result being spontaneously present and in the method for entering that, and “perfection” in that the accumulations of merit and wisdom are perfect and complete) is as follows.

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