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“The entire direction for the sea of Profound Meaning”, an intensive Liturgy for the Visualization techniques of the Mahamudra Preliminaries with an inventory of the most important themes of the most Practice

There are a few branches of the Drukpa Kagyu and every has it personal liturgies for doing the initial practices (Tib. ngondro). The Kham (East Tibetan) culture of the Drukpa Kagyu, headed via the Khamtrul Rinpoches has a few those liturgies. besides the fact that, the only composed through Kunga Tendzin, the 3rd Khamtrul Rinpoche is the single traditionally used. it's the liturgy used for instance at Tashi Jong in India, the present-day seat of Khamtrul Rinpoche.

The textual content of the liturgy used to be translated into English by way of Lotsawa Tony on the request of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. it's a ordinary, Mahamudra sort preliminaries liturgy during which there are 4 units of 1 hundred thousand preliminaries to be performed. The liturgy is huge. Kunga Tenzin incorporated loads of fabric in his liturgy and this makes it important as a reference for an individual. for instance, the total pushing aside perform performed with the perform of The Thirty-five Buddhas, and the Sutra of the 3 tons is contained in it. there's additionally a powerful guru yoga part for the Drukpa Kagyu, that is awfully attractive. there's additionally a pleasant selection of commitment prayers on the end.

The translation was once performed by means of Lotsawa Tony in the course of a three-month consultation at Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Ngedon Osel Ling in Nepal, while a wide staff of Drukpa Kagyu lamas and rinpoches of the East Tibetan culture accrued jointly for a Drukpa Kagyu Dharma pageant. the interpretation went very properly and it was once ordinarily felt that the poetic characteristics of the Tibetan got here out good into English, which was once interesting to all concerned.

The liturgy might be of specified curiosity to all Drukpa Kagyu fans. greater than that, it's going to be of curiosity to a person doing the initial practices.

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Lord, yogin who is without beginning or end, The glorious, original buddha, the primordial protector, I supplicate you, may I be the great spontaneity, Father, grant your blessings that I be like you. Lord, yogin who works for the benefit of others, You rescue from the deep pit, the three realms of samsara, I supplicate you, may I accomplish the purposes of migrators, Father, grant your blessings that I be like you. DRUKPA KAGYU PRELIMINARIES LITURGY Fourth, supplication to remain firm: Lord, you perform the enlightened activity of all the conquerors, Precious one, you are the unrivalled refuge, Father, you are the best to remember, guru, protector of beings, Look on me, your devoted child, with your compassion.

The two truths are her right hand slaying discursive thoughts with a hooked knife and, Her left hand holding a scull-cup of blood, the play of undefiled great bliss. In union with method, the heruka, she embraces a khatvanga. The five kayas thoroughly perfected, she wears the dry skulls of the five families. As the signs of the paramitas, she is adorned with the five mudras. The samskaras completely purified, she is draped with a necklace of human heads. The obscurations definitely abandoned, she is clad in the directions of space.

Seventh, the limb of dedicating to enlightenment: By prostrating, offering, laying aside, Rejoicing, urging, and requesting, The trifle of merit which we have accumulated, We dedicate all for the sake of enlightenment. Third, the stage of condensing, the absolute mandala: The offering-field retinues dissolve into the pervading lord, the guru. The guru dissolves into light and becomes one with me. The offered, the offering, and the object of offering become equality—— This is the offering ceremony of self-liberated great bliss.

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